Veronica Castagnini

c/o Veronica Miranda

Veronica Castagnini

c/o Veronica Miranda

Psychic Consultant - Meditation Expert – Yogi - Producer – Author – Poet – Artist

"And the path was written... but in the light.” - V. C.
Veronica Castagnini

A native of Argentina and residing in Los Angeles for most of her life, Veronica Castagnini has an extensive knowledge of metaphysics, psychology, parapsychology, and hypnotherapy in the process of understanding and training her psychic abilities.


As a young adult at the age of 19, Veronica recognized and honed her gift as a medium, and has since expanded her channeling abilities to include precognition, retro-cognition, remote viewing, clairvoyance and telepathy.

As a published author, producer, poet, artist, healer and spiritual consultant, Veronica’s focus in her life is to integrate all into manifesting and sharing these abilities through her meditation techniques, metaphysical insides, her art and poetry.

Veronica is an expert in the Tarot and for over twenty years has cultivated a loyal clientele base comprised of recognized leaders of the entertainment industry, as well as people from all over the world interested in indifferent spiritual paths.   She has been teaching meditation for many years, implementing exercises in her classes that fuse techniques developed by ancient civilizations, physics, quantum physics, and her perceptions on how light/prana flows.

Publications and Productions


As a published author, Veronica's titles include:

Oraculos Antiguos - Tarot -  Manual, in Spanish

She have participated in the documentary: 

-Tarot: The Story - directed by Manuel Llanos produced by New York Film Academy.

She was the Tarot consultant of the short film:

-Tells Past, Present and Future -directed by Jeff Prug and produced

by USC.

Veronica has created Mystra Light, The Portal of the Possibilities

to provide a new vision for the improvement and integration of human beings.


Veronica produced and wrote:

The instructional meditation DVD in English and Spanish:

-The Four Elements

-Los Cuatro Elementos

Additionally, Veronica trains other mediums and healers in the use

of meditation to direct and protect their field of energy. She has developed special healing techniques, one of them producing fast “miraculous” (according to doctors) recuperation when performed before surgery.

Writer and Artist

Veronica was the founder and former president of Luz Bilingual Publishing Inc. a California Public Benefit Corporation that she had created to promote art and literature. She is an artist and a poet. As an author she has published several poetry books, served as the director and editor of the international bilingual magazine Luz en Arte y Literatura, served as literary translator of several poetry collections, and was guest of honor at renowned national and international cultural events.

As an artist she is a member of Burbank Art Association, and the Fine Art Federation. She is actively participating in groups exhibitions and art events.

Veronica was awarded 3rd place for her painting, “Invitation” in BAA in Spring 2012.

She is the illustrator of her poetry books, “That Ancient Devotion” and “Erotic Studio” and has published her art in the international bilingual magazine “Luz en Arte y Literatura.”

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