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Veronica Castagnini c/o Veronica Miranda

c/o Veronica Miranda
Metaphysical Consultant - Meditation Expert -Yogi 
Producer - Author – Poet - Artist

Television Appearances
-Telemundo KVEA 52, De Mañanita, a segment about talismans with host Edgardo Gascón.
-Channel 62 Los Angeles, interviewed by Ruben Olague, produced by Patricia Morgan, presentation of Luz Bilingual Publishing, Inc.
-Megacanal Television, Guadalajara, Mexico, Creativa interview.
-KVEA Channel 52, Telemundo Station Group, Hola Los Angeles, presentation of Carpetas
de Poesía Luz Bilingue, and the international bilingual magazine Arte y Literatura.

Radio Interviews
-Radio 97.1 FM., De Boca en Boca, Guadalajara Mexico, interviewed by Lic. Ma. Antonieta Flores Astorga, Guadalajara International Book Fair.
-Radio FM 97.3, La palabra, el deseo, la locura, interview, presentation of her books
and reading of her poetry by the poet Patricia Diaz Bialet, Argentina.
-Radio Genesis FM 99.5, El canto de los poetas, interviewed and reading of her poetry,
Mar del Plata, Argentina.
​-Producer/Co-director/Writer/Spanish Voice Over for The Four Elements/
Los Cuatro Elementos Bilingual Spanish/English instructional meditation DVDs,
a Mystra Light Production, 2009. Trailers: Youtube, Vimeo.

Short Films
-Documentary Tarot: The Story directed by Manuel Llanos, produced by New York Film Academy. 
-Tarot consultant in the short film Tells Past, Present and Future, produced by USC directed by Jeff Prug.

-Seven Waves Entertainment, video /Youtube, red carpet interview.
-Sigamos (Video Program Interviewees) Unit six, Chapter 11 ¨La Literatura en español en EE.UU.¨ 
Produced by Vélez Román & Córdoba for McGram-Hill College Division, San Francisco, 1998,
-Founder of The Portal of the Possibilities.
-Eboli, Virtual Magazine, selected poems from her book Erotic Study.

-Art Portfolio
-Awarded 3rd. place for her painting, “Invitation” in BAA in Spring 2012.
-Illustrator of her poetry books, "La Palabra",“That Ancient Devotion” and “Erotic Study”. 
She also had published her art in the international bilingual magazine “Luz en Arte y Literatura.”
​She is actively participating in groups exhibitions and art events.

Veronica Castagnini as Veronica Miranda was the founder and director
of Luz Bilingual Publishing, Inc. (1991- 2001).
Director and Editor:
-Luz en Arte y Literatura 1991-2001, a bilingual international literary magazine.
-Collection of Carpetas de Poesía Luz Bilingue.
Poetry books:
-La Palabra, Spanish under the pen name Zulu LaSarre and illustrations, 1991.
-Esa Antigua Constancia/That Ancient Devotion, as Veronica Miranda,
Bilingual Edition and illustrations, translated by Angela McEwan,1993.
-Estudio Erótico /Erotic Study, as Veronica Miranda,
Bilingual Edition and illustrations, translated by Angela McEwan,1996.
-Más de una vez/More than once as Veronica Miranda,
Poetry Folder, Bilingual Edition, translated by Angela McEwan, 1999.
-Manual of Daily Rules/Manual de Consignas as Veronica Castagnini
published in e-book format by Mystra Light, 2006.
-Oráculos Antiguos – Tarot, published by Mystra Light, 2008.

As a Editor and Literary Translator
The collections:
-Carpeta de Poesía Luz Bilingüe Nº 1- Luis Benítez-Selección Poética/
Selected Poems-1996, published by Luz Bilingual Publishing, Inc.
-Carpeta de Poesía Luz Bilingüe Nº 4- Carlos Vitale - Selección Poética/
Selected Poems -1998, published by Luz Bilingual Publishing, Inc.
-English translator of the poetry book Crome/Quavers by the Italian poet Emilio Paolo Taormina,
published by L'arciete del dissenso, Italy, 2004.
Additionally, she has published many poetry and short story translations from diverse authors.
in literary and cultural journals, periodicals and magazines. Among the authors that she translated are: Isaac Goldemberg, Alejandro Schmith, Enrique Puccia, Alberto Jimenez Ure, Elizabeth Azcona Cranwell, Manuel Moya, Margaret Saine, Ruth Daigon, Janet Carncross, Lynn Kozna, and Patti Tana.

Veronica’s poetry was published in the following publications:
-The poem, “Awakening” in California Quarterly, California State Poetry Society, Volume 43, Number 1, 2017.
-Selected poems from her book Manual of Daily Rules in the compilation Libertad Condicional
published by International PEN-Women Writers Committee, La Luciérnaga Editores, 2000.
-Poemas Poster de Poetas Iberoamericanos Contemporáneos, St. Thomas University,
Fredericton, Canada, September 1998.
-Brújula & Compass literary journal published by the Latin American Writers Institute,
Eugenio Maria Hostos Community College of New York. Poems, interview, Spring 1998, Winter 1996, Fall 1994.
-Chasqui 23, No 2, November 1995, published by Dept. of Languages & Literature, Arizona University at Temple.
-Sin Embargo, No.3 May-August 1995, published by Asociación Cultural Agora, Spain.
-Aleph 4/5 and 14, published by Fundación Aleph, Venezuela, 1996/97.


Professional organizations
-Member of Burbank Art Association and former member of the Board of Directors of Burbank Art Association, Publishing, from 2012-2019.
-Member of Fine Arts Federation since 2013.
-Founder and former president of Luz Bilingual Publishing, Inc. 1999/2001
-Member of ALTA American Translators Association, Latin American Latin American Writers Institute, Inc New York, PEN Center USA West, CA, Laart, Los Angeles, CA.

Conference and Reading Guest at:
United States:
-Pen Center USA, Orange County, CA
-La Brea Cultural Center County, CA
-ALTA/American Literary Translators Association Conferences through US and Guadalajara, Mexico.
-Fifth Annual Conference on Ibero American Women Writers-Discourse ON/OFF the Feminine, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
-The Big Bear Valley Poetry Festival.
-Galeria Las Americas, CA.
-Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA.
-Sociedad Argentina de Escritores, Argentina.
-La Poesía Argentina Contemporánea, OEA Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
-Centro Cultura Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
-Los Andes University, Merida, Venezuela.
-Coloquio de Editores Argentina-Mexico, 1997, International Book Fair Guadalajara, Mexico.
-Coloquio de Escritores Argentina-Mexico/Conversation with Writers, 1997.
-International Book Fair Guadalajara, Mexico, 1998.
-II Encuentro de Escritoras Latinoamericanas Censura y Autocensura 1998, International PEN Women Writers´Committee,
​PEN International Center.

Participant in Conferences and Workshops
-18th Annual International Hypnotherapy Conference, organized by American Council of Hypnosis Examiners, Glendale, CA, 2004.
-Discover the Healing Power of Future Lives Through Progression Therapy, Dr. Brian L. Weiss, M.D. , Los Angeles, CA 2006.

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