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Meditation can transform your life in an enchanting journey.


Meditation is a technique not related to any philosophy or religion that can be easily practiced, producing immediate positive results.
The practice of meditation is beneficial in many ways: promoting biologic rejuvenation, improving personal relationships, increasing creativity, intelligence, memory and learning abilities. Also, it increases your energy level and self confidence, while simultaneously reducing insomnia, stress, depression and anxiety. 

Meditation trainings

The tools that you need to move forward on a higher level of energy to manifest synchronicity, healing and prosperity in your life. Relaxation, chakras activation, building your light-body, raising to the higher level, directing your energy. Activation of your sacred space chakras to direct and protect your field of energy.

Other trainings:

Psychic ability development - Healing techniques

Do you want to feel relaxed, energized, younger, confident, creative? Meditation is the key!

$10 dollars Off One Phone Meditation Class.
Dedicate a moment just for you; book your one-hour Meditation session

to connect with your inner powers and manifest your dreams.

Regular price: $120 the hour

Ready for a moment of personal fulfillment?

Mystra Light "The Four Elements”MeditationDVD

Simple seated meditation exercises that lead you into a deep relaxation, increasing your energy, bringing well being, prosperity and synchronicity in your life.

A moment of fulfillment manifesting in your whole life.

The Four Elements Trailer

The Four Elements Trailer

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