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“Angels Guidance Spread 2019”

Updated: May 20, 2020

“Angels Guidance Spread 2019”

This month I create a special spread for this Holiday Season when the presence of the angels are closer than ever.

This is a month to stay focused in the here and now. Get ready to learn something new and counseling with a mentor could be beneficial.

A month to allow your true self to be visible to others. You will lift them up and inspire them. People will be willing to help you, and mutual collaboration and sharing tasks could accomplish wonders.

Nourishing encounters and strong connections with loving fun people will infuse an intense the flow of energy to enjoy, heal, love, and to be creative.

The step into a better self and better life is emerging.

Click for the whole reading spread and Tarot Consulting.

Wishing you a month blessed by inspiration, and loving people to share and celebrate life. - VC. #tarot #readings #spreads #forecast #angels #Holiday #Season #counseling #inspiration #connections #emerging #mystralight #celebrate #Veronica #guidance

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